Dads! Join the PTA! — Yeah, right…

But it’s all just a bunch of cackling hens talking about their most recent mani-pedi and fussing about bake sales, right? Wrong.

Clinton’s schools help to mold your child into an incredible being, ready to take on the challenges of the World. But in the blink of an eye, the son or daughter you used to cradle in one arm has flown through our school system and is off to college or is entering the workforce. Your chance to affect school’s impact on your child’s development is fleeting. Act NOW!

The PTA is a growing voice of concerned parents, all working together with the school district on important issues such as:

  • Pay-to-play for school sports – already proposed numerous times in Clinton. What effect would that have on you, your player, and the strength of our teams?
  • Homework policy – too much, too little, schedule less on the night of “the big game” or other important events?
  • If your son or daughter enjoys acting in the school plays, you may wonder why they have to sell enough program ads to be considered for a part. Why is there not enough funding for music and the arts?
  • “Young men struggle to stay true to themselves while negotiating America’s narrow definition of masculinity” is the message of the film “The Mask You Live In” which we have screened numerous times. Missed it? Catch it on Netflix some evening.

You’re busy, we all are. Very few can make it to every meeting, but we do not expect that. Members do show up to get our help with a particular issue, or they will attend when one of our special guest speakers discusses a topic that addresses the specific needs of their child. Joining helps us fund for speakers, film screenings, and more. More importantly, it shows the school district our numbers are growing and it makes our voice stronger. They listen…

– Al Walker, PTA Board Member

Dads, join the PTA today and add your voice to ours.

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