Tyler Webb, Asst Principal, The Morgan School

As a school administrator, I am driven by a deep belief that my primary purpose is to help students take responsibility for their behaviors and the effects those behaviors have on others. In order to fully to do so students must first accept and process the emotions that drive their behavior. The more I can do to help students connect with their emotions and their impact on others the more I can positively impact students’ lives. Recognizing our emotions and their impact is a lifelong challenge but especially so for many of the young men I work with here at Morgan. Rather than showing when they are sad, hurt, or scared, all emotions men should not feel according to our culture, these boys try to appear tough or disaffected. If I accept their tough behavior with me then I am ignoring the fact that there is an emotion behind that “mask” they present. It is this very mask that the documentary film, The Mask You Live In, strips away leaving the viewer with the reality of emotions young men experience today. For any adult who works/lives/knows young men, this film will change you. For me, it has reshaped much of how I ply my trade but more importantly, it has caused me to reflect on my role as a father to two young boys.