Seeds of Greatness – Published in The Day – Nov 21, 2013

daylogo_160x52The Clinton PTA would like to congratulate four outstanding students: Rory Smith and Patrick McAllister, seniors at The Morgan School, and Matt Beauvais and Andraya Carse from the Eliot Middle School. These four students were recently selected for the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents Award. This award is given for academic prowess relative to ability, leadership service to school, and service to others in the community.

The Clinton PTA firmly believes that our students have seeds of greatness within them. Time and time again we see students break out of their comfort zone to shine and rise to new heights, setting a higher bar for all of us.

When critics in a public forum choose to find fault with our local education system and assess the quality of teachers by test scores and gossip, we might suggest they look deeper, spend time in classrooms and with students on their own ground. Parent volunteer coaches see it on playing fields, teachers see it in the classroom, and civic organizations such as Partners in Community see it in how actively the students we embrace take charge of, and successfully execute, projects the community as a whole benefits from. Students-young adults-who volunteer in religious organizations and in civic organizations such as our local Soup Pantry, Girl Scouting, and the Boy Scouts, achieving the rank of Eagle Scout, all demonstrate what we
should all be finding inspiration from.

Our students have seeds of greatness in them. I encourage your readers to join the Clinton PTA in cultivating the students and acknowledging their achievements, large and small, and together we will begin to thrive as an educated community.

Andrea S. Reu, President
Clinton PTA

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