Result Is Better Students – Published in The Day – Nov 21, 2013

daylogo_160x52On Nov. 11 the Clinton PTA brought these Morgan School Department chairs together for a very informative panel discussion: Alan Samet, Math; Paul Serenbetz, English; Mya Rodowicz, Guidance; Chris Luther, Science; Monica Deberardinis, Special Education; Jeff Motter, Social Studies; Jay Cole, Technology Education; and Laura Luther, World Languages.

These are seasoned, veteran teachers who have risen to the top of the ranks, and for very obvious reasons. Listening to each of them speak showed why they have become the chairs for their respective departments. They are 100 percent engaged with teaching the students of The
Morgan School and they are very passionate about doing this.

Each person spoke about his or her department and what he or she is doing to advance the education process of our students and invariably all stated in their own words the love they have for their job. When you have teachers who love what they do, the end result is better students. Clinton is very fortunate to have such dedicated teachers. While these are the chairs of the departments, and we expect them to be excited about doing their job, there is a long list of teachers under each of them who are just as dedicated to our students’ education.

There was a good number of parents in attendance that night, many who have children in the lower grades, which was surprising to me as the meeting was about high school education. Hopefully this is an indication of good things to come for our school district, as more parents get involved with the education process of their children.

I thank the PTA for actively bringing in speakers and panel discussions like this from which all of us can learn.

Phil Williams
Clinton (Phil Williams serves on the Board of Education)

Video of this event available here

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