Homework Policy, Adopted Aug 21, 2017

A well defined homework policy has long been a hot topic for Clinton parents. Your PTA board, PTA members and other volunteers, worked closely with the Clinton Public Schools administrators to craft this new homework policy. This is just one example of the positive change your PTA can deliver. Many members make for a strong PTA voice. Consider joining/renewing today!

Clinton Public Schools – Policy #6154, adopted: August 21, 2017


Homework/Make-Up Work

Homework Definition:
Teacher-assigned tasks that are intended to be completed outside of class.

Homework Purpose:
In grades Pre-K through 3, homework should nurture childhood development outside of the school day through authentic learning experiences, including reading on a daily basis, play, creativity, conversations, and interactions with peers and adults. In grades 4 through 12, homework should also support the development, reinforcement and practice of academic skills; foster initiative, responsibility, and self-discipline; extend and enrich classroom learning.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Understand the purpose of the homework assignments and how it relates to his/her learning
  • Keep track of and complete assignments on-time and to the best of his/her ability
  • Demonstrate academic honesty and integrity by not: copying or allowing another student to copy his/her work, plagiarizing or obtaining any unfair advantage in completing assignments
  • Set a routine by finding a space, time, and location to do homework
  • Communicate to parents and teachers when feeling overwhelmed or unsure of directions

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:

  • Encourage students to complete homework independently and help problem-solve when student is challenged
  • Assist students in setting a routine by finding a space, time, and location to do homework
  • Understand and reinforce expectations for the quality of homework and adhering to timelines
  • Communicate with teachers when child is overwhelmed or has homework concerns

Teacher Responsibilities:

  • Set clear expectations, purpose, and feedback for students regarding homework
  • Differentiate and offer choice in homework when feasible
  • Model strategies for completing homework
  • Set reasonable deadlines, recognizing time constraints of students
  • Coordinate with other teachers on the timing of assignments and assessments
  • Collaborate with other teachers to ensure equity, consistency and purpose of homework
  • Maintain dialogue with students and parents regarding purpose, type, and quantity of homework
  • Communicate with students and parents when student-performance is concerning

Administrator Responsibilities:

  • Remain focused on whole child
  • Ensure consistent application of homework policy and equitable expectations across grade-levels
  • Provide professional development to teachers regarding effective homework strategies/assignments
  • Ensure homework/assignments are connected to school goals
  • Support the ongoing dialogue between students, teacher, and parents regarding homework
  • Provide time for collaborative teaming
  • Notify teachers of upcoming school-wide events that may interfere with a student’s ability to do homework

Additional Considerations:

Students in Pre-K through Grade 3 should read for pleasure or engage in other activities that promote learning for at least 10-20 minutes per night. In grades 4 through 12 students should expect homework on a regular basis. The amount of time students spend on homework will vary. Advanced Placement and Early College Experience courses may require students to spend additional time doing homework. If overwhelmed by the volume of homework, students should speak with the classroom teacher.

Homework will not be assigned over school-year vacations, however students are encouraged and expected to read daily.

No tests/major assignments will be due the first day back from a long weekend or school-year vacation.

No tests/major assignments will be due on religious holidays or the day after religious holidays recognized in the approved school calendar.

Make-Up Work:

Upon return to school, students shall request missed assignments from the teacher. Except for extended absences, all missed work, including tests, assessments, and quizzes, will be made up within a period not longer than twice the length of the absence unless other arrangements are made with the teacher. Students will be allowed to make-up work that they have missed on religious holidays without penalty.

Clinton Public Schools – Policy #6154, adopted: August 21, 2017

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