What Makes a Community Vibrant – Andrea Reu

It is a proven fact that families seek communities that invest in education in which to purchase a home. According to Realtor.com (2016) “Half of the home-buying population is willing to pay more than their intended budget to get into the right school district, and more than half would give up other amenities. Good schools provide stability for a community, and that’s good for the property values of everyone who lives nearby.” [“How Much Do School Districts Affect Real Estate Prices?”] This published fact actually provides a strong argument to invest more!

We know that economic development is the key to Clinton’s financial situation (which is thankfully being addressed by our first selectman, Economic Development Commission, and supporters), not cutting education funding. Until that becomes a reality and the effect kicks in, let’s get the budgets passed the first time. Let’s show that we understand what makes a community vibrant. I encourage Clinton residents to vote “Yes” on May 9!

Andrea Reu

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