Walks that Very Fine Line – Valerie Nye

Each referendum season, there is one single town in the area where a “no” group advocates for the failure of all budgets. That town is Clinton. This is very ironic, because Clinton is the town with the lowest increase, on average, in its education operating budget of shoreline towns. Over the last five years, Clinton’s increases average out to 1.2 percent per year. Over the same five years, Madison, Westbrook, Old Saybrook, Guilford, and Branford average increases are all well over two percent.

Our bipartisan boards of Finance, Education, and Selectmen work harder than anybody, all year long, to present a budget that walks that very fine line between keeping tax increases at a minimum, while presenting a responsible budget that delivers the education that our children will need as they prepare to face a complicated future, one in which they will need to solve problems for all of us. I encourage voters to honor that work by voting with the facts, and supporting the budgets on May 9.

Valerie Nye

Valerie Nye is president of the Clinton PTA

Published Apr 25, 2018 – https://www.zip06.com/letters/20180425/walks-that-very-fine-line

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