Wake Up, Voters – Paul Gebauer

Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. This is what Clinton voters do by not passing budgets. Developers and investors cannot be brought to a town paved in yellow “Vote No” signs.

Voters must wake up, this the answer to our problems: When we invest in infrastructure and proper economic development, we as a community win.

Here is the vicious cycle: When we fight budgets, when we vote down budgets two times, when we line our main streets with yellow signs, we cut our nose off to spite our face. Clinton refuses to be defined as the town of “No.” This has to stop. When voters realize that a vibrant community is attractive to investors and economic development, and that this will reduce our tax burden for many years to come, when we pass budgets and make the investment, Clinton wins.

We are Clinton, we vote “Yes!”

Paul Gebauer

Published May 30, 2018 – https://www.zip06.com/letters/20180530/wake-up-voters

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