Too Easy to Say ‘No’ – Carrie Allen

In the 18 months that I have worked on the Clinton Greenway, there are many pieces of the project that I won’t remember, but never will I forget the generosity of spirit, the patience, the support, and the advice of the many town employees who were there for me.

The support I was offered in Town Hall, at the library, from the school community, the Police Station, and at Department of Public Works was support one rarely finds anywhere. The town employees who have helped me are gracious, knowledgeable, vital, and clearly interested in Clinton’s success.

The tax referendum is approaching and we will all be asked to vote in support or denial. It bothers me to think that those against the passing of the referendum will blame town workers for the tax increase. These are the people who run, clean, educate, patrol, lend, repair, promote, balance and protect our town.

If they vote against the tax referendum, will they complain when their street isn’t plowed? Will they complain when the schools drop in rank? When their property value declines? When the library has to close early? When a bridge collapses? When the police don’t arrive quickly enough?

I encourage your readers to consider their votes thoughtfully on May 9. It is too easy to just say “No” without considering the people and the services that will disappear. All the people I’ve worked with deserve my “Yes,” as does the town I’ve chosen to live in.

Carrie Allen

Published May 02, 2018 –

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