Spun Out of Control -Andrea Reu

Fake news is no longer just a national issue. It’s right here in Clinton. We have let the facts get spun out of control, and voters are believing the lies because its easy to say, and vote “No.” But sensationalized statements, when they are flat out lies, to defeat budgets, are fake news.

Make no mistake. The facts are easy to access on our municipal and education websites; they are published in this newspaper. I encourage your readers to find them and base their votes on them.

Another fact: Some of the wealthy few benefit each and every time. We are glad they are a part of our community and glad they can afford the benefits of paying significantly less for a retirement home in Clinton on the shoreline. What we are not glad about is that they then turn around and appeal their taxes, get them reduced, and then—guess what?—their savings gets distributed to the rest of us.

Yes, we bear the burden for those consistently leveraging the system. The same system they refuse to support at budget time. It’s time the average homeowner and taxpayer in Clinton sees and hears the truth and votes based on that news.

Andrea Reu

Published May 30, 2018 – https://www.zip06.com/letters/20180530/spun-out-of-control

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