Referendum Confusion – Phil Sengle

Last week, June 6, the voters of Clinton approved at referendum the Board of Education (BOE) budget on the third try, but defeated the town side budget. The BOE budget was approved 1,830 to 1,772—a 58-vote margin. The town budget lost 1,796 to 1,806—a 10-vote margin.

This is troubling because it appears that at least 58 pro-education voters did not support the town budget. If taxes and size of budgets were the concern, you would think the result would be the opposite since the BOE budget is about 66 percent of the total budget and the town side is the remainder or 33 percent of budget.

I have two concerns. Why did approximately 58 education voters not support the town side? Was it self-interest, aka parochialism, or did they think the town budget had more slack in it? I find this troubling and inexplicable.

My largest concern is that with the education budget being passed, that a percentage of the pro-education voters will not show up to vote for the town budget in the fourth referendum. This could be the kiss of death for the town budget.

I strongly encourage all education voters to vote in the next referendum on Wednesday, June 20—don’t leave the town budget high and dry and allow the “No” voters to control our town.

Selectman Phil Sengle (R)

Published Jun 13, 2018 –

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