Kudos to the BOE – Al Walker

The Board of Education (BOE) is to be commended for reducing the proposed education operating budget increase from $1,947,394 (a 6.05 percent increase) to $657,505 (a 2.04 percent increase), especially in light of contractual cost increases.

The largest driving factor is an anticipated transportation increase of $211,869 (up 32 percent). The five-year transportation contract has ended and the competitively bid new contract is higher. But it is important to note that effective Board of Education negotiations saved approximately $1 million over the past five years and the new contract is estimated to save $850,000 over the next five years relative to surrounding towns, according to the BOE. Two bus routes have been eliminated, saving an additional $100,000. The average cost per bus is $25 to $50 lower than surrounding towns, according to the BOE.

Kudos go to the BOE for negotiating and realizing these savings. I encourage Clinton residents to join me in voting “Yes” May 9.

Al Walker

Published Apr 25, 2018 – https://www.zip06.com/letters/20180425/kudos-to-the-boe

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