Voters Should be Outraged – Al Walker

The tasks required to make Clinton run smoothly and efficiently are performed either by the experts we hired to do the job, or by concerned friends and neighbors who volunteer their time. Highly skilled professionals lead the departments within our town government. Dedicated volunteers serve countless hours each and every month on our boards and commissions.

All work tirelessly to support the town year-round in meetings that are all open to the public, but the creation of annual budgets and capital expenditure plans is especially challenging and time consuming. Clinton voters should be outraged that Maurice “Kirk” Carr and his small band of followers, armed only with misinformation, make it their hobby to erase a year’s worth of thoughtful budget work by so many.

I encourage your readers to show their support for those who support Clinton and to vote “Yes” to the town budget on June 20.

Al Walker

Published Jun 13, 2018 –

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