Doing More with Less – Laura Colebank

The proposed Education Operating Budget reflects drastic cuts in response to declining enrollment. This year, an additional six certified teacher positions (two at Pierson, four at Eliot) and a secretary have been eliminated. Since 2016, 19.6 certified teachers, 8 paraprofessionals, 1 secretary, and 1.5 custodian positions have been cut. After Hours programs at Eliot and Pierson have been cut in half, which adds an added burden to working parents and creates more opportunity for kids to be on screens or unsupervised. I have heard numerous cases where these programs have fueled lifelong interests in certain subjects that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Additional cuts include textbooks and swimming.

The Board of Education has proven its is doing more with less. To cut more will affect programs, class size, and quality education. And “pay to play” is likely to be reality in Clinton.

I encourage Clinton residents to let the facts inform their vote join me in voting “Yes” May 9.

Laura Colebank

Laura Colebank serves as PTA vice-president

Published Apr 18, 2018 –

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