A Foundation of Consistency – Valerie Nye

On behalf of the Clinton PTA, I want to thank the Clinton community for its support of the education budget last week. Voter turnout was high relative to past history, which means people care.

However, education is only one spoke in the wheel of a vibrant community. While I have always argued that it starts and ends with education we cannot forget about the middle. Education attracts families and families want a town community with services that they can enjoy (beaches and libraries) and businesses that are thriving.

We can all agree that economic development is needed in Clinton and we are well on our way with a resilient, professional first selectman and Planning & Zoning Commission that recognize their limitations. A town planner is absolutely essential and is hopefully still a part of the next town budget that will be voted on Wednesday, June 20.

Clinton needs to think long term. Every other shoreline town has a town planner and reaps the benefits. A town planner seeks out development, has the expertise required to answer developer questions, and, most important, is a foundation of consistency that can weather the political battles and revolving door of elected positions to keep their eye on the goal: a vibrant community. I encourage your readers to support the town budget on June 20.

Valerie Nye

Valerie Nye is president of the Clinton PTA.

Published Jun 13, 2018 – https://www.zip06.com/letters/20180613/a-foundation-of-consistency

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