Tired of the Attacks – By Mary Jo Phelps

When it comes to voting on town budgets, it can be difficult to get at the truth of the numbers. Some in Clinton suggest that a 2.2 percent increase in the budget is unacceptable; a zero percent increase is the only outcome that will keep people from moving to another town.

I wonder, where will they move? To Old Saybrook, where the increase is 2.74 percent, despite losing more students than Clinton? To Colchester, where the increase is 4.55 percent, or East Lyme, with its increase of 2.95 percent? The fact is, I know some families who have chosen to leave Clinton, and it’s not because they think their taxes are too high—they are simply tired of the attacks on the public sector.

A quick glance at the Clinton Taxpayers Association website reveals that it thinks austerity measures are called for, but Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz says they don’t work and prevent economic recovery.

I hope Clinton residents will join me in supporting out town and school services by voting “Yes” on both budgets on May 11.

Mary Jo Phelps

Mary Jo Phelps is vice-president of the Clinton PTA.

Article Published May 4, 2016.  http://www.zip06.com/letters/20160504/tired-of-the-attacks

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