This is Our Investment

As we begin yet another education budget process in Clinton, I’m compelled to share what I’m grateful for as a parent of a student and as a taxpayer. I am grateful for those who provide an exceptional educational experience for the students in our community, for teachers who are not fearful to teach in a manner that engages not only the minds, but the spirit of our youth.

I am grateful for those who go above and beyond to provide clubs and activities that encourage students to explore and find their passion, whatever that may be, and for my student to be able to challenge himself by learning Chinese, and how that has the potential to set him apart in a global market.

I am grateful for the English teachers my son has had who took a young boy not interested and not confident in his ability to write and created a confident author, able to clearly communicate his ideas and intellect. I am grateful for the daily support he receives from every teacher he comes in contact with, to not only strive to a higher bar for himself, but also to do that with joy. I am grateful for our students’ capabilities to work together for a greater good, or merely to support one another in the community they call Morgan, or Eliot, or Pierson or Joel.

Here’s to quality education in Clinton. This is our investment. I am proud to be included in the Clinton PTA, which advocates for quality education.

Andrea S. Reu

Published April 16, 2015 –

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