Take Care of Things – by Bill McKeown

We moved to Clinton when we retired, because Clinton is a good town with a good community.

Because we are retired and live on a fixed income, some organized groups would like you to think we oppose the town budget. Through whatever means they can find, they spend a lot of time and effort trying to drum up opposition to the work of the neighbors we elect to serve Clinton.

No, we retired people do not oppose the budget. We support the budget, for the good of the town and the community. We need good public services and good public education for the good of people of all ages, young and old.

We should support our friends and neighbors we elected to serve us and who have worked diligently to produce the budget.

We have to take care of things now so that, in the future, there will continue to be a good community and a good town here on the shore between Westbrook and Madison.

I encourage your readers to approve the budget and get on with making Clinton a great place to live.

Bill McKeown

Published April 26, 2017 Harbor News

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