Shameless Scare Tactics – by Kristin Cafferty

The perpetual opposition to the Clinton Board of Education (BOE) budget will never reward responsible budgeting. Annually the opponents try to deceive us with deliberately inflated numbers and scare us with hyperbole. Those of us who watch the budget process closely know how many difficult decisions have already been made to tighten the 2017-’18 proposed budget.

There are no new program offerings and no new staff. Instead, we have cut the high school Chinese program, five literacy paraprofessionals, a library paraprofessional, a part-time custodian, and three elementary classrooms. Already this proposed budget will increase class sizes and reduce support in our classrooms. And the reward for an honestly produced and hard lined budget will be the same fabricated and shameless scare tactics.

The opposition has finally proven it is incapable of supporting any budget. A “Yes” vote on the first referendum ballot will send our BOE leadership the message that making tough choices early in the budget process are encouraged. Look closely at how tightly this budget has been prepared and we can all start supporting responsibly prepared budgets moving forward.

Kristin Cafferty

Published April 12, 2017 Harbor News

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