Services and Benefits – By Al Walker

Voting is important. We are each members of a society, a democracy, that affords our voice in the form of a vote. If we each show up to vote, what is important to us wins. If we do not show up, what is important to us will be overshadowed by those who choose for us.

No one wants to pay more in taxes. It’s an intangible expense. No immediate reward is handed to you at the tax collector’s window in exchange for your tax payment. It requires you to use a higher level of thinking to realize that investing in your town now pays off in long-term gains later. I like having a town beach; town marina; soccer fields; snow plowing; a transfer station; well-trained and -equipped police, fire, and ambulance personnel; an effective Public Works Department; supportive special education teachers; and a new state-of-the-art high school. These are just a few services and benefits of being a member of the Clinton community.

These past few years’ budgets have been routinely rejected for no better reason than people just don’t like to pay taxes, or don’t show up to vote for what is important to them. They simply do not realize what is at stake. I encourage your readers to support the Clinton community, the whole community, by showing support for the town and education budgets on May 11. If we do not show up, what is important to us stands to lose. Education is important to me, to us. I encourage your readers to mark their calendars now to show up and vote on Wednesday, May 11 at Clinton Town Hall to make sure their voices are heard.

Al Walker

Article Published May 4, 2016.

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