Paying Less for Comparable Services

A mill is equal to $1 of tax for each $1,000 of assessment. To calculate the property tax, multiply the assessment of the property by the mill rate, and divide by 1,000. Each town has expenditures required to fund local police departments, fire departments, public works, library, schools, and other services. If you live in a town that has high property values, the amount of your mill rate is going to be lower. Clinton has lower property values, so the mill rate is higher.

Go to and you can find the average selling prices of homes for our area. Clinton—$242,000, Madison—$415,600, Westbrook—$340,100, Killingworth—$368,500, and Old Saybrook—$368,700. A 2,700-square foot-home with 2 ½ baths and four bedrooms in a typical neighborhood of Madison would sell for $546,000. The same class of home in Clinton would sell for $405,000. The taxes listed on Zillow on the Madison home are $11,000, and the Clinton home is $7,000. Both homeowners have the same type of homes; they have police protection as well as quality education. Yet the mill rate for the Madison homeowner is 25.17, while the Clinton homeowner’s mill rate is 26.25. While Clinton’s mill rate is higher than the surrounding towns, we are paying less tax dollars for comparable services.

None of us want to see our taxes go up, and the Board of Education works exceptionally hard to control all costs while still providing the best possible education for the town of Clinton. I encourage your readers to support the town and Board of Education budgets by voting “Yes” on May 13.

Phil Williams

Phil Williams chairs the Clinton Board of Education.

Published April 01, 2015 –

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