Part of a Community – By Andrew Tessman

I am writing in support of the Clinton Education Budget. I am a soon-to-be third generation graduate of The Morgan School. The experiences that I have had started at Joel with amazing field trips, 3rd grade chorus, Project Adventure, and a small performance of Bully the Bull Frog in 1st grade, which was where my love of performing began. Then on to Pierson where I joined band, participated in DARE, as well as Peer Advocates. There I performed in a small trial run of a musical, Into the Woods, which has now turned into a huge annual event that most Pierson kids look forward to. Next came Eliot Middle School, where I joined Jazz Band, performed in regional band concerts, went on the Hershey Park band trip, enjoyed 6th grade’s Nature’s Classroom and a field trip to Ellis Island.

The Morgan School is my final step in this local education journey. Here I have continued my love of music and theater and importantly, I have discovered a strong interest in physics and philosophy, which I plan on pursuing in college. The community atmosphere at Morgan has allowed me to spread my wings and come out of my comfort zone, trying all different types of activities: from class president, to Fencing Team captain, to my most recent “fan favorite” of the Mr. Morgan Competition.

Throughout all my years in the Clinton Public School System, I have had many incredible teachers, administrators, and mentors. They have challenged me as well as taught me what it means to be part of a community and the responsibility that goes along with that. I want others to have the same experience I have had as a student, so I encourage your readers to vote “Yes” for the Education Budget.

Andrew Tessman

Published April 20, 2016.

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