Pared to the Essentials

Clinton’s children (and their parents!) have the great good fortune to learn from an amazing group of talented, hard-working, and caring teachers. With one child in college and another in high school, I have had quite a long time to observe as their teachers have guided them; how they have been prodded to higher and higher levels of achievement. So yes, I am happy to bear the name “education advocate,” but I am also a taxpayer, well acquainted with the hard truth that education budgets impact every homeowner and business in Clinton, and am insulted when accused of blindly supporting those budgets.

Here is a sampling of the many things I would love to see included in the budget: a full-time band director at the high school so that band could be offered more than one period, funds to enable the incredibly talented fencing club at Morgan to become an actual varsity team, and funds to truly bring our technology education into the 21st century.

Many parents could give you their own wish lists, but I and many other parents realize that these are wants and not needs, and that a small group of people spends countless hours trying to pare that list to the essentials so as not to burden taxpayers. Other letter writers have lauded the many accomplishments that have been realized within these constraints, both academic and athletic, so there is no need to repeat them here, but I would like to thank all of the teachers, coaches, and administrators for assisting those achievements, and I would especially like to thank our superintendent and our Board of Education members for their diligence in considering a myriad of factors when constructing budgets.

Mary Jo Phelps

Published March 11, 2015 – Zip06

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