Not Opening Bids – By Erica Gelven

I have heard people call Clinton the town of “No.” “No” to development. “No” to conservation. “No” to education. “No” to our town. “No” to any proposed budgets the first time they are presented to the citizens at referendum.

I do not believe that is what we are. I believe Clinton is the town of “Yes!” when the facts are considered fairly and objectively. I believe we want our town to be seen as a place where investment of our tax dollars mirrors our priorities. “Yes” to economic development, in the form of new businesses that serve and are supported by Clinton’s residents. “Yes” to conservation, as we work together to preserve and enjoy our beautiful stretch of shoreline. “Yes” to quality education, as we provide our children with the knowledge and skills they will need to succeed in our town and beyond. “Yes” to our town, where people can achieve their goals in a safe environment.

All of this potential is realized when we say, “Yes!” to budgets that are fiscally responsible and meet the needs of Clinton’s citizens. The budgets presented at referendum are not opening bids. They are the product of a lengthy, thoughtful, and yes, contested process, throughout which our administrators, elected officials, and residents propose, consider, debate, and compromise of the best way to meet the needs of Clinton. The budgets are the result of the work we as citizens expect of our decision makers, and must be regarded as such.

To say “No” to the budgets, at this point in the process, discounts the process as a whole, and undermines the thoughtful, careful consideration that has gone into formulating the budgets. Let’s be the town of “Yes!” the first time around!

Erica Gelven

Erica Gelven is president of the Clinton PTA.

Article Published May 4, 2016.

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