Not an Opening Bid – by Coralie Williams

Some Clinton voters think the budgets as presented are opening bids and can always be cut. Reality is, the cuts have been made. The boards of Education, Selectmen, and Finance have made significant cuts and sacrifices already. They’ve done their jobs and have presented fiscally responsible town and education budgets. Now it is our job to support them and pass the budgets.

We could be the town of “No,” and then see what happens. What are we willing to do without? We can be a “No” until the cut, or until not passing the budget effects something that is important to you. Will we pay to participate in sports that are so dear to Clinton families? Will we pay to have our own streets plowed? Will we not help townsfolk through social services? Will we cut corners in our schools just to save a few bucks? Voting “No” would force them to make even more drastic cuts to our school and town services and could deter families and businesses from moving here.

These budgets are not an opening bid, they’re what we need to thrive and prosper. I believe we are a town where the investment of our tax dollars mirrors our values. When these budgets are presented, they are looked at with a fine-tooth comb with the hope and intent of not raising taxes. It is a long and detailed process, one that is highly transparent and welcoming to taxpayers.

I encourage your readers to do their homework and see what has already been cut and what is at stake if we do not pass these budgets on the first round. Let’s not take them as an opening bid, let’s vote “Yes” on May 10 and demonstrate that we are the town of “Yes”—first round folks!

Coralie Williams

Published May 03, 2017 – Harbor News

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