Do Not Leave Them Out – by Artie Smith

If the budget doesn’t pass on May 10, sports programs in Clinton could very likely become “pay to play.” How can this be an option under consideration in order to pass an education budget? It is because the budget has been slashed already prior to even heading into this vote. Many programs have already been cut.

The benefits of sports program in the Clinton schools are too many to list. Sports programs benefit Clinton’s children both physically and mentally. It teaches them dedication, perseverance, team building, and many important social skills. It limits children’s, especially teens, idle time, which can lead to any number of undesirable behaviors. I would argue to you now that playing sports is often the one connection some students have to feel pride, self worth, and accomplishment. The children of our town need these programs.

Yes, of course there are many families that can afford “pay to play,” but what about the large number of families that cannot? Do these children get left out? I hope every person who reads this believes, as I do, that the answer is no, we do not leave these children out. Let’s not get to this point. I encourage your readers to join me in voting “Yes” the first time so these important programs are not at risk.

Artie Smith

Published May 03, 2017 – Harbor News

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