Life Made Brighter

Clinton’s schools are centers for the performing arts. From theater to chorus to jazz band, performing arts are central to a solid and well-rounded education. Our children and our community benefit from the wealth of opportunities and experiences offered by our drama, music, band, art, and language teachers.

The artistic activity happening in our schools is nothing short of spectacular! Have you ever enjoyed a Morgan musical? Did you know that Pierson School puts on a full-scale theatrical production each year? Have you witnessed the lyrical beauty of Poetry Out Loud or the COLT Rhyme Celebration? Do you enjoy the patriotic tunes played by the Morgan and Eliot marching bands? These are just a handful of the artistic education happening in our schools every day, every year.

We know that schools that integrate the arts into their curriculum see improved student performance and positive school environment. All students, regardless of socioeconomic status or intellectual ability, benefit from opportunities that allow them to experience and learn about the arts. They benefit with increased knowledge, greater confidence and social skills, and a broader experience of the world.

Life is made brighter, sweeter, and more meaningful by performing arts. Think about how much the arts are adding to our children’s lives.

Shannon Ayer

Published April 01, 2015 –

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