Invest in our Future – by Al Walker

I voted “Yes” on both the education and town budgets at Clinton’s Budget Referendum May 10. I voted “Yes.” I voted “Yes” for budgets that were thoughtfully prepared by fellow taxpayers. I voted “Yes” to support what I believe are critical services and improvements to our town. I voted “Yes” to invest in my town and in our future.

Many residents are not aware that these budget referendums are held every May, or they just don’t care if they pass or fail. But when a budget fails to pass, further cuts are made, and only then do voters begin to take notice. By then, it is too little, too late. Maybe something important to them gets cut, a school program their child relied upon, or their street doesn’t get resurfaced this year.

I vote every year, and every year I devote my time and energy to urge others to understand why I vote, and why they should also. It is important for all citizens of Clinton to participate fully.

Voting “Yes” reflects a belief that together we can make Clinton thrive. I vote “Yes,” and I hope your readers do as well.

Al Walker

Published May 10, 2017 – Harbor News

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