In the Best Interest

As a Clinton Board of Education member and a parent of two children attending the Clinton Public Schools, I applaud Superintendent of Schools Jack Cross and his administration for working diligently to develop an education budget that is not only responsive to community needs and supports the development of the whole child, but also contains costs where available.

The district has managed to save a significant amount of money through working with surrounding towns to develop the health collaborative and the STRIVE transition program. In addition, as the student population has declined (which is a nation-wide trend), the district has been responsive by reducing staff and by reallocating reductions to specific areas of need, capitalizing on the reduction without adding positions. Lastly, the district is engaged in a competitive bidding process and solicits requests for proposals for transportation, insurance, utilities, septic, and refuse in order to contain costs is these areas.

Cost containment is a crucial part of preparing a fiscally responsible budget, however, what’s more important is how that budget supports the development of strong academic curriculum and teacher growth and development as well as student enrichment. As a result, I encourage the citizens of Clinton to come out and vote “Yes” to support the education budget on May 13 as it not only fiscally responsible, but in the best interest of our children in Clinton.

Annaliese Spaziano

Published April 27, 2015 –

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