Imagine… – by Andrea Reu

Imagine you live in a quaint New England shoreline community. Imagine your school system is known for its excellence and wins awards for this excellence. Imagine that it has AP Honors programs, K-12 World Language Programs. Imagine that administrators and Board of Education come in within one percent of projected costs. Imagine teachers who truly care and go above and beyond.

Those who live in Clinton don’t have to imagine this—this is our reality. I encourage every education advocate, every parent and person in our community who believes that education makes the difference in our society, to add their voice to the many that stand up at the Public Meeting on Wednesday, April 12 at Town Hall and share with the Board of Finance that they, too, believe in what Clinton education has to offer and to support the proposed budget! It is important.

Andrea S. Reu

Article published Apr 5, 2017

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