Can’t Imagine Losing More – by Abby Roccapriore

I am writing with concern about the recent cuts in the proposed school budget in Clinton. I am a mother of three, small business owner, home owner, and substitute paraprofessional here in Clinton. On a typical substitute shift, I am either covering one position in a classroom or team. On days where multiple colleagues are absent due to illness, etc., and shifts aren’t covered, it can create slight chaos. Each school has its own set of children or situations in which having a paraprofessional present is imperative.

I can not imagine losing more than the proposed five paraprofessionals and one library paraprofessionals that the budget cuts are proposing. It is imperative that Clinton residents and the Board of Finance vote “Yes” to prevent any further cuts to this budget. The staff members at every school I’ve been lucky enough to work at tirelessly work to give the best they have to the children with special needs, and their peers.

Abby Roccapriore

Article published Mar 29, 2017

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