Begins and Ends with Education – by Valerie Nye

A vibrant community reflects its investment in education. As any competent realtor will tell you, one of the most crucial research topics done by families looking for a home is the public school system. Families compare the offerings, activities, and facilities of surrounding towns. If a town is proven to support and maintain its schools, the demand for the homes in that town increase.

As any economist will tell you, high demand increases the value of a home. When a home value increase, it relieves budget pressure and thus allows the mill rate to decline. Because businesses pay taxes based on a mill rate, a lower mill rate will now attract business. And what a great thing because a business will move to the town where there are all these families and people to visit—but remember, it begins and ends with education.

Over the years, Clinton has proposed the lowest education increases on the shoreline. It’s per-pupil expenditures are low and our enrollment decline is the lowest percentage among our shoreline neighbors yet during this time we have cut many staff. This year, let’s be sure to support the education budget in order to stay competitive and attract families to create a vibrant community.

Valerie Nye

Valerie Nye is president of the Clinton PTA

Published May 03, 2017 – Harbor News

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