An Air of Trust – By Laura Colebank

It seems like the town of Clinton is at a crossroads every year when it comes to passing the town and education budgets. People don’t get out to vote the first time, but then we rally to get budgets passed second round. This year, let’s get it right the first time. For new residents of Clinton, or those who have chosen to pay attention and participate this year, the following information strives to clarify some of the budget process and our need for trust.

The town and board of education are run by a partnership of professional administrators, department heads, and duly elected or appointed volunteer taxpayers. School administrators and department chiefs/supervisors are people who are employees of either the town or the Board of Education. These professionals work hard and bring their specialized knowledge and expertise to bear when administering and supervising the expenditure of tax revenue. I trust our police chief, fire chief, and all town and school boards to make sound financial decisions, and I vote for the volunteers who either appoint or oversee these professionals. I commend all for a job well done.

It is imperative to our government system that there exists an air of trust between our elected or appointed officials and the town’s employees. If there is no trust between these volunteers and Clinton’s professionals, then it follows that there could be issues with communication about the exact needs (and wants) for our town’s departments and school district. These budgets are not wish lists. These spending plans take into account the services that must be provided to residents and students, as well as the legal mandates and realities of living in Connecticut. I encourage Clinton residents to vote “Yes” to the proposed education and town budgets on May 11.

Laura Colebank

Article Published May 4, 2016.

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