A Unique Opportunity – By Andrea Reu

Did you know The Morgan School in Clinton has a fencing team? What a unique opportunity for our students to be offered and exposed to. Did you know that the team grew from 15 to 35 members this year?

I cannot begin to express the gratitude fencers, parents, and community members have for Coach Jim Barnett and his amazing supportive partner and wife Jane. Coach Barnett earned the respect and friendship of this diverse group of students, while setting a high bar of expectation of attitude, dedication, performance, and most of all respect.

Every graduating fencer has shared that Coach Barnett has taught him or her as much about life as he has about excelling in the sport. He has taught them pride, perseverance, and to support one another as family. His MVP for the season, Olivia Digiandomenico, was acknowledged for her selfless leadership. The confidence that she demonstrates is a direct result of empowering the exceptional young adults that are Clinton students and athletes.

Our community allows for exploration, and for each student to find the niche that allows him or her to thrive in society. Brilliant futures are what we invest in—thanks, Coach Barnett!

Andrea Reu

Published April 06, 2016. http://www.zip06.com/letters/20160406/a-unique-opportunity

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