Don’t Have to Imagine – By Mary Jo Phelps

Imagine that you live in a great little shoreline town. Imagine that your schools are noted for their excellence (maybe a repeat NEASC Spotlight Award or an AP Honor Award) and envied for their programs (K-12 World Language, say). Imagine that your Board of Education yearly budget comes in within one percent of what was projected.

If you live in Clinton, you don’t have to imagine any of those things, because this is your reality. I encourage everyone who shares my gratitude to join me at Andrews Memorial Town Hall on Wednesday, April 13 for the public meeting of the Board of Finance and show their support.

And don’t forget to vote at the budget referendum on May 11th from 6AM to 8PM at Town Hall. (Last sentence added by the Clinton PTA webmaster)

Mary Jo Phelps

Published April 06, 2016.

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