1,501 Parents – by Paul Gebauer

There are those who believe voting “No” sends a message of no more taxes, and they will come out to vote to stand for what they believe they have to because they cannot afford to spend more. There are also those in a community who come out to vote to support a quality education budget and who believe in the services our town provides. They do not realize how important it is they need to come to the polls to vote.

The reality in Clinton is there are 1,500 voters who show up to vote “No,” and therefore parents and people who believe in Clinton, we need to show up to vote “Yes.” There are surely 1,501 parents, teachers, grandparents, and voters in Clinton who are willing to show up and make their voice heard by their vote. I encourage your readers to join me, my friends, and my neighbors in showing up to vote “Yes” on May 10—yes to our town, yes to our schools, and yes to all that is good in Clinton.

Paul Gebauer

Published May 03, 2017 – Harbor News

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