Summer Book Read 2016 – Wed, Jul 27 – 6:30pm – HCH Library Community Room

beyond-measureClinton PTA has summer reading too!

Join us to discuss BEYOND MEASURE, By Vicki Abeles

It not only explains the urgent need for action, but it also shows us how to take those first, important steps.

Beyond Measure lays bare the striking evidence that America’s obsessive achievement culture is making our children sicker, not smarter. And front and center are promising solutions — the stories of courageous communities around the country who are working together to break free from achieve-at-all-costs expectations.

With in-depth research, personal anecdotes, and a dose of common sense, it shows communities how to realize their collective power to change the system to better reflect our true values: health, happiness, and genuine learning for our children.

Vicki Abeles is a filmmaker, an ex-Wall Street lawyer, and a mother of three. Her documentary Race to Nowhere hit a nerve with its vivid portrayal of today’s broken education system. Her second film, Beyond Measure, about the groundbreaking leaders transforming schools for the better, premiered in 2015.

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