Raising the Touch Screen Generation: The role of technology in our children’s development – Alicia Farrell – Nov 12, 2015 – WATCH or LISTEN

alicia-farrell-nov-2015Watch below – Listen to MP3

Are you concerned or confused about the role technology should play in our children’s daily lives? Join Alicia Farrell for a talk that will answer these important questions:

  • How does technology affect early-childhood brain development?
  • How much technology is too much?
  • What is the difference between “good” and “bad” technology?
  • What responsibility do we have as educators, practitioners and parents to shape the use of technology in our children’s lives


AliciaFarrell-300x225Alicia Farrell, Ph.D. is an accomplished cognitive psychologist and founder of The Center for Mental Fitness & president of ClearView Consulting in the State of Connecticut. Having received her doctorate in lifespan developmental psychology from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia in 1999, Dr. Farrell is trained in cognitive development across the lifespan, with a specialty in adult development and aging. Dr. Farrell offers a very unique combination of academic training, a commitment to science and a real life, down to earth approach to staying healthy in mind and body, regardless of age or life circumstances.



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