Healthy Lifestyles vs Childhood Obesity – Marlene Schwartz PhD – Dir Rudd Center at Yale – Wed Mar 5 – WATCH NOW

Dr. Marlene Schwartz is a clinical psychologist, research scientist and Director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University. The Rudd Center is a world class food think tank advising local schools, state government and First Lady Michelle Obama on evidence based guidelines for improving the nutrition for children and families. Dr. Schwartz is a relentless critic of food advertising geared toward children and was instrumental in getting fast food restaurants in CT to provide calorie labeling. She is a frequent guest on television and radio, and was most recently featured in a fast food documentary highlighted at the Sundance Film Festival. Wed March 5, 2014 – 6:30PM – Board of Ed Conf Rm next to Joel School.

Video services provided by Al Walker

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