Forum/Panel of Candidates running for the Board of Education – Oct 15, 2013 – WATCH NOW

We invite you to an informative public meeting with this year’s BOE Candidates.

Evening Format:

  • Ballot Overview
  • 3 Minute Introductory Statements
  • Pre-Formulated Question & Answer Period
  • Questions from the Audience
  • Closing Remarks

All parents and community members are welcome to find out more about the candidates running for these important Board positions that impact the education and future of our community.

Sponsored By: The Clinton PTA and The Morgan Political Club

Morgan PawPrint Article about the forum including a link to a video of the entire event

Following are the closing remarks written by Morgan Political Club member Katie Lemontague and advisor Eric Bergman, read by Katie Lemontague:

On behalf of the Morgan Political Club and the Clinton PTA, thank you for attending tonight’s education forum. It is our belief that opportunities such as this provide the very lifeblood of our democracy, where citizens can meet in a civil setting to discuss issues of great importance, most notably public education.

A special thanks to the candidates for their dedication to this community and their commitment to public education.

We hope you can now at least consider your voting options for November 5. Clinton’s candidates for board of education all seem to wish the best for our children however varied their approaches. Education is a complicated and emotionally charged issue. Thankfully we have witnessed one component of democracy that works in Clinton—civil and transparent discourse.

As for the Morgan Political Club, we are a non-partisan organization started in 2005 as a place where students can meet and discuss political issues on the local, state, federal and international level. We also host a weekly guest speaker forum where activists, elected officials, and informed citizens address the club in hopes of initiating student interest in topics and issues of note.

As for you, the voting public, your attendance here shows that you still care about and value the importance of an informed citizenry. It is imperative that the public knows and cares about issues that affect us all, including public education, which truly does affect us all. While government and public institutions can be complex and cause many to become disillusioned, we at The Morgan Political Club believe that democracy at its very core if worth defending and supporting. And as Thomas Jefferson said in ,1789 “…wherever the people are well informed they can be trusted with their own government…” Let’s continue to be well informed.

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