Cultivating Resiliency – Misty Genicola- Jan 12, 2016 – WATCH or LISTEN


Watch below – Listen to MP3 – Slides as PDF

Clinton PTA proudly welcomes Misty Ginicola, Ph.D., LPC, to speak with us about positive practices that can be utilized in youth in both schools and at home. Dr. Ginicola will review the concepts of resiliency, coping skills and the importance of developing social-emotional skills. Special attention is paid to individual factors (e.g., such as temperament, personality, sensitivity), as well as how matching practices to the needs of the student is crucial.

Dr. Ginicola is a Licensed Professional Counselor (Walk in Balance Counseling) and an Associate Professor in the Counseling and School Psychology (CSP) department at Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU).

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