Support the Education of our Future – It’ll Pay Off

Years of budget defeats have left our administration hesitant to add any new programs, causing us to fall behind our shoreline neighbors and resulting in our property values being the lowest on the shoreline.

budget-changesSource: Annual Financial Reports

There is a reason every real estate website discloses a Per Pupil Expenditure (PPE) in communities.  Because investment in education is valuable to home buyers which impacts demand for real estate which impacts property values. Here is what Clinton’s PPE looks like these days:

per-pupil-expendituresSource:  Connecticut State Department of Education, Bureau of Grants Management

We are not the highest on the shoreline.  In fact, we are one of the lowest.  Thus, here is what our property values look like:


Investment in education increases home values. 

Better home values are better for everyone – citizens, businesses, parents and seasonal residents alike.    Better home values drive down a mill rate as exemplified by the fact that the mill rate in Greenwich is 11.3 and the mill rate in Hartford is 74.3. Here is where we stand on Mill Rates:


Depressed home values force an increase in mill rates just to maintain basic services.

Here is just a sample of what some of our neighbors offer that we don’t:  Full time HS Band Director, Full time Athletic Director, Middle School Theater Program, Animal Science, Equine Science, AP Music Theory, Beginning and Intermediate Guitar, Wildlife Management, Film Club, Fishing Club and High School Jazz and Pep Bands.

After years of putting forth bare minimum budgets the BOE finally has the courage to put forth a budget that gives Clinton kids not only the resources they need but resources that will help them succeed above and beyond their known capabilities – resources such as team leaders, guidance counselors and coaches who guide the kids and emulate the best teaching techniques.

Now is the time that we stop falling behind, stop underfunding Clinton education and give our kids the resources to not just succeed, but to soar!!

Research has proven that the entire community benefits when we together support education.

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