Comparison to Neighboring Towns

Although a local tax association attempts to show Clinton’s budgets are extreme, research quickly proves otherwise.  CERC (Connecticut Economic Resource Center) and the CT State Office of Policy and Management have information online showing that Clinton is extremely competitive among shoreline towns and within our state demographic group (DRG) in categories such as our property taxes, per pupil spending, mill rate, and annual budget increases, among many others.

Over the past 5 years, shoreline towns have had an average yearly increase in their education operating budgets as follows (ed programming 2011-12 through 2015-16, no capital or debt svc):
Westbrook 4.5% – Branford 2.5% – Old Saybrook 3% – Guilford 3% – Madison 1.5% – Clinton 1%

While at the same time, our rate of student decline is LOWER than surrounding towns (2010-11 through 2013-14):
Westbrook 14% – Madison 12% – Old Saybrook 11.5% – Branford 7% – Guilford 5% – Clinton 2.5%

avg budget increase and enrollment decrease graph2

It is clear that surrounding towns are losing students at a higher rate than we are in Clinton, yet we’re still able to hold down budget increases better than our neighbors. Our administrators, the Board of Ed, and our community certainly deserve our support. Vote YES.

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