Budget to Enrollment Relationship

In the past several weeks, every other shoreline town passed their education and town budgets on the first round, with budget increases higher than Clinton’s, in many cases significantly higher, such as 5% in Westbrook and over 3% in Guilford and even in the face of declining enrollment (see charts below).  Continually voting down education budgets does not make Clinton attractive to families and impacts demand for homes.  Just because Clinton’s budget hasn’t actually gone down doesn’t mean we haven’t realized savings.   Tomorrow’s education operating budget is only a 0.4% increase.

For Clinton to pass a budget, every single last supporter is needed at the polls. I usually try to ignore the CTA rhetoric but feel some must be addressed.  They claim a 72% increase in taxes since 2000.  If you actually research that in your own home you will see that is not true, especially if you adjust for inflation.  The CTA encouraged you to Vote No and then when software to be used for Planning and Zoning was cut during this round of cuts they came and asked that it be put back in.  We can’t control what is cut.

Please come out tomorrow and support the budgets.budget-enrollment-relationship


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