Letter to PTA Members and Friends – June 4

Dear friends,

Another budget referendum this Wednesday, June 6, thus another email. It’s hard to believe we have to get out and vote again on what is, in any other town, a reasonable budget. Time and time again we are told that Clinton is unreasonable. Taxes are too high, Salaries are too high or Administrators aren’t needed. Lies. We are forced to deal with liars. What IS unreasonable about Clinton is the organization of misinformation designed to vote down every budget no matter its composition. The “no at all costs” party has absolutely zero respect for the long term damage it does to our community.

Shine the light of FACTS on the misinformation and rumor. SHARE the FACTS with others:

  • We encourage you AND your spouse to take 5-10 min to read these updated BOE summaries
  • Over $1.5 million cut from original proposed budget including 6.5 teachers, secretary, programs, technology and needed repairs.
  • Drivers of the increase are contractual. This means that fair and carefully negotiated contracts (transportation, teachers, etc.) contain increases for each subsequent year and the District must honor these contracts.
  • The salaries of Clinton’s teachers and administrators are completely in line with Connecticut salaries according to the Conncann website.
  • Quality schools and town services will attract new families, expand our tax base, drive up property values, keep us competitive on the shoreline and ATTRACT ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT

It can be frustrating fighting the misinformation onslaught that Clinton endures. Along the way, the PTA is the loudest voice of reason. In turn, we earn a reputation for fanaticism because of it.  As I walked with my husband this morning throughout this beautiful town of ours we realized that important things in life are worth fighting for. We can’t lower the standard required for a world class education. “Everything will be fine” and “Clinton is still awesome” is artificial gratitude. While it may be comforting in the face of frustration and lies, it is a crutch which will only deplete services for our children while budgets continue to fail. We can be grateful when the budget passes, and it hasn’t. If we do not fight for that which we believe, then what is the purpose of our existence.  

Some people are fanatical about climate change. Some people are fanatical about gun control.  You should all be proud to be fanatical about educating children. It is critically important.  While it costs money, it leads to rewards and dividends far greater than any other issue. Education provides a path out of poverty. Education drives employment. In my mind, education is the foundation of the upward surge of mankind.   

This is not a time to kid yourself into thinking everything will be fine. If the budget fails again and the voting goes into the summer, families with their YES votes will start to go away on vacation, causing the budget to begin to fail by greater and greater numbers each time it goes down. The cuts and other information can be found below. Vote

We can prevail on June 6, but only by this path: every yes voter that came out on either May 9 or May 23 or both, ALL need to come out on June 6th, and we ALSO need a few dozen more new voters. These votes could come from college students coming home. They could come from the “lazy yes” voters, the ones on your street who have skipped both votes so far.

It is proven. Families are leaving because of this barrage of negativity. I refuse to lower the bar and be grateful for the bare minimum. If we sit back, what we lose next is on us. Help us get this message out!  We must continue to fight.

Thank you,

Valerie Nye, PTA President

As always, keep up with the PTA here:

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