Education Budget – Facts and Figures

The Clinton Board of Education Budget Adjusted
Approved by the Board of Finance on April 12, 2017

Operating:  Approved 2017-2018 = $32,503,470

  • Increase of $934,706 or 2.96%
  • BOE started at 5.38% and reduced it to 2.96%
  • Breaking down the increase
    • Medical Insurance makes up 55% of the proposed increase
    • Without the increase in Medical Insurance the increase would be 1.31%

Capital Budget:  Approved 2017-2018 = $292,738

  • Decrease of $59,568 compared to 2016-2017 or -17%
  • Represents a $60,000 reduction from the BOE and CEC approved amount of $352,738

Debt Service:  Approved 2017-2018 = $1,949,278

  • Increase of $781,992 or 6.7%
  • Addresses payment of debt for school district projects
  • Includes Eliot Window Project and New Morgan School


  • Increase of $1,657,130 or 5.01%

Driving Forces & Unifying Principles:

  • Develop literacy in core disciplines to ensure quality learning experiences and achievement.
  • Embed the application of knowledge and skills in all learning experiences and new situations.
  • Develop and implement high-performing collaborative teams focused on improving teaching and learning.
  • Provide safe, high-quality learning environments that support the District’s commitment to its educational mission.

Core Programs Supported in the 2017-2018 Budget

  • Optimal Class Sizes
  • High Quality Staff
  • Interventions and Specialized Service Programs
  • High Quality Early Childhood Education
  • Diverse Curriculum
  • Performing and Fine Arts Programs
  • Afterschool Clubs, Activities, and Sports
  • K-12 World Language Program
  • Technology Integration in all schools
  • Professional Development and Collaboration for Staff

Budget Numbers

  • The Process of budget work was done by the Board of Education in the month of January.
  • The Initial Proposed Budget with a 5.38% increase was reduced by $478,763 through informed but difficult choices.

The mission of the Clinton Public Schools is to prepare independent and collaborative learners empowered to embrace the future.

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