Vote YES on Wednesday, May 14 for the Education and Town Budgets

Support Our Town and Schools

PLEASE VOTE YES For the Town & Education Budgets

ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 14  —  From 6 am – 8 pm at Town Hall

Wvote-yeshy Voting Yes is Important:  Clinton’s budgets are developed by volunteers elected to serve on the Boards of Education, Selectmen, and Finance.  These dedicated fellow residents and taxpayers spend countless hours determining what Clinton needs to keep moving forward while working to minimize the burden on Clinton’s taxpayers.  These budgets are need-based budgets, intended to maintain and enhance those services which benefit our entire community.

After years of flat funding, it is time for Clinton to invest in its infrastructure and schools to keep our community vibrant and competitive.  Please vote yes on May 14; every child, one voice.

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